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Eating with Ned – 4 Spice Glazed Carrots and Buttery Corn

20 May

EWN 4 spice carrotsThese carrots were a total smash hit with Ned, who hasn’t previously been that interested in carrots at all. I used Dutch carrots, which I’d totally recommend as they soften nicely in the time it takes the sauce to thicken, also, they’re so pretty and delicate compared to a sliced larger carrot. I’m absolutely looking forward to making this with rainbow carrots from the Kelvin Grove Markets when we get back to Brisbane.EWN buttery corn

The buttery corn is ridiculously easy and insanely delicious. I’ll admit that I’d eat corn any time of the day and cooked in any way, but the three of us agreed (Ned by finishing his portion with barely time for a breath between each spoonful) this way of cooking it was great. To be fair, everything tastes better when it’s cooked in a knob of butter and it is true for this corn too. The mint adds a bit of contrast in colour and taste – don’t leave it out! Continue reading


Mushroom and barley pies

9 Apr

 Mushroom and barley pies

I was digging around my cupboard the other day, deciding what needed to be used up or tossed out, and found a bag of pearl barley, probably bought for a wintery soup that never eventuated. The obvious question then, was what to do with it? When I have the time I quite enjoy this way of cooking…discovering a recipe based on one ingredient and mixing and matching ingredients depending on what is on the shelves of my cupboards and those of the local fruit and veg store. So I searched and I found this recipe for Mushroom and Barley Pie on Smitten Kitchen. Continue reading

Cabbage, lime and peanut salad – the prettiest salad

18 Mar

Cabbage, lime and peanut saladIs this not the prettiest salad you have ever seen? I saw it on the smittenkitchen blog and just had to try it. It is salty, tangy, crunchy and delicious. And cathartic. I can get lost in the chopping of food, the rhythm, the sound. And depending on how big you want to make this salad, you can either chop a little or a lot! Cabbage is one of my favourite things to chop – it that crazy? I love the way a sharp knife slices through the layers with a very satisfying, crisp chop-chop! Continue reading

Quinoa, cheddar and chilli patties – healthy, but tasty (they might have broccoli in them too…)

11 Mar

broccoli and quinoa pattiesHas anyone else out there noticed the glut of quinoa patty and fritter recipes that are about at the moment? Everywhere I turn I see them! One look at the ingredients list and I am suspicious about how good they could actually be, because the ingredients are so awfully healthful. Continue reading

Moroccan chickpea soup

4 Mar

moroccan chickpea soupFrom the beaches of Hawaii to the mountains of BC, I have to say life is pretty good. We have just come home from an amazing week in Whistler where we were lucky enough to have skied in the best snow of the year. I had an amazing time learning to ski and have emerged from the week exhausted with many bruises and dog-tired muscles but I am pumped to get out there again, and soon. The days on the slopes were hard work and every night I felt like I had earned my dinner. There are lots of steaks and burgers on the menus of every spot in Whistler (just like in Hawaii – what is going on out there?!), but I had a hankering for a filling, warming soup and found this recipe for Moroccan Chickpea Soup on Food52. It’s chunky and hearty and delicious. Perfect nosh after a big day in the great outdoors. Continue reading

A light meal – stuffed portobellos

28 Jan

Stuffed PortobellosMorgs and I eat vegetarian meals a couple of times a week. They are filling without feeling quite so heavy, and I find the clean up is much easier without having to separate the meaty-stuff from the non-meaty-stuff.  Yes, I have a thing about raw meat…I think it was in a year 7 home ec class that I made a deal with one of my buddies to eat all her tomatoes if she handled my raw chicken. This “thing” has lasted into adult-hood, resulting in Morgs promising to not cut the vegies on the chicken cutting board in his wedding speech. He knows me well! Continue reading

Chia pudding – the new black

17 Jan

chia puddingYou know when you stumble across something that is new and interesting and then it comes up over and over again? Last week I saw a recipe for chia pudding online and I was intrigued, so I made it and now I’m seeing chia pudding everywhere I look! I just realised what a fashionable menu item it is right now. I’d be interested to hear if it is hitting menus in places other than Vancouver. Continue reading