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Eating with Ned – 4 Spice Glazed Carrots and Buttery Corn

20 May

EWN 4 spice carrotsThese carrots were a total smash hit with Ned, who hasn’t previously been that interested in carrots at all. I used Dutch carrots, which I’d totally recommend as they soften nicely in the time it takes the sauce to thicken, also, they’re so pretty and delicate compared to a sliced larger carrot. I’m absolutely looking forward to making this with rainbow carrots from the Kelvin Grove Markets when we get back to Brisbane.EWN buttery corn

The buttery corn is ridiculously easy and insanely delicious. I’ll admit that I’d eat corn any time of the day and cooked in any way, but the three of us agreed (Ned by finishing his portion with barely time for a breath between each spoonful) this way of cooking it was great. To be fair, everything tastes better when it’s cooked in a knob of butter and it is true for this corn too. The mint adds a bit of contrast in colour and taste – don’t leave it out! Continue reading