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Chicken Parmigiana

28 May

chicken parmigianaI read an interesting quiz on a food blog recently asking people to name their number one kitchen fear. Which got me thinking…what is mine? It didn’t require much contemplation actually – I have no idea about frying anything and I find it very daunting. How do I know if the oil is hot enough? But now is it too hot? What do I do with all that oil afterwards? And in the end none of my questions are ever answered because whatever I was thinking of cooking would never compare with the cracking fish and chips from the coast anyway – so I just end up making something else. Continue reading


Eating with Ned – Georgian Chicken

15 May

EWN georgian chickenI have to share something quite exciting from this week: we have had a dinnertime revolution in our house! Instead of 2 dinner sittings in which Ned would eat at 5:15pm, followed by Morgs and I, often at 8:30pm, we have started eating together at the family friendly hour of 6:30pm. Probably only those of you with kids in tow will appreciate that this is huge for us! Continue reading

An old friend comes to visit and Tarragon Chicken

14 Jan

Tarragon ChickenI am lucky enough to be living, even just for a short time, in the same city as a girlfriend who I was besties with in grades 1 and 2. Her family moved back to Vancouver when we were 8 years old and somehow, amazingly, we have managed to keep in touch over the last 24 years. We have been making the most of living in such close proximity and it was our turn to have them for dinner at our place last night.

I wanted a recipe that I could prepare early so I wouldn’t be in the kitchen, straining to hear the conversation, while our friends were over. Tarragon chicken is just the thing – I think it is one of those fabulous dishes that are best cooked early and eaten hours later when the flavours have had more time to develop. Continue reading