Date and almond cakes with orange syrup

16 Apr

date, almond and orange cakesIf I could eat only one thing for the rest of my life it would be cheese, without a doubt. I have my favourites, but I don’t think there is a cheese I have tried that I didn’t find totally moreish and delicious. The second item in that list is an easy pick too – dessert. A broad category I know, but the same applies: I can’t think of a single dessert that didn’t happily devour. (I’m really thinking hard right now, and…nope, nothing is coming to me). Continue reading


Mushroom and barley pies

9 Apr

 Mushroom and barley pies

I was digging around my cupboard the other day, deciding what needed to be used up or tossed out, and found a bag of pearl barley, probably bought for a wintery soup that never eventuated. The obvious question then, was what to do with it? When I have the time I quite enjoy this way of cooking…discovering a recipe based on one ingredient and mixing and matching ingredients depending on what is on the shelves of my cupboards and those of the local fruit and veg store. So I searched and I found this recipe for Mushroom and Barley Pie on Smitten Kitchen. Continue reading

Baked eggs on Easter Sunday

1 Apr

baked eggsEaster Sunday is just wrapping up in Van and it was an amazing day. Spring is well and truly settled in here: flowers are everywhere, people are sunbaking (wrapped partly in blankets, but sunbaking no less), I wore my pluggers for the first time in months and months, and we got back out on the hiking trails to do what Vancouverites do best – enjoy the great outdoors. Continue reading

Turkey and fennel meatballs with spaghetti

25 Mar

turkey meatballs
Our family never ate spaghetti and meatballs when I was growing up – there was spaghetti bolognese, there were rissoles, but never “spaghetti and meatballs”. I have never ordered them in a restaurant, and never cooked them in my own kitchen. Until last week. Continue reading

Cabbage, lime and peanut salad – the prettiest salad

18 Mar

Cabbage, lime and peanut saladIs this not the prettiest salad you have ever seen? I saw it on the smittenkitchen blog and just had to try it. It is salty, tangy, crunchy and delicious. And cathartic. I can get lost in the chopping of food, the rhythm, the sound. And depending on how big you want to make this salad, you can either chop a little or a lot! Cabbage is one of my favourite things to chop – it that crazy? I love the way a sharp knife slices through the layers with a very satisfying, crisp chop-chop! Continue reading

Banana bread

15 Mar

banana breadWhy do I always wait until I have 2 unwanted, rotting bananas on my bench to make banana cake? I should plan ahead and buy extras, to have this event occur more regularly.  Whether bread, muffins or cake is the final product, anything banana-y is somehow always delicious. Is it the anticipation of the cake, watching those bananas brown, subconsciously offering Ned the avocado instead of the banana, in the knowledge that there will be a baked treat as my reward? Or is it that bananas don’t overwhelm the cake, they just add a moistness and sweetness that is complimented by so many other flavours? Continue reading

Quinoa, cheddar and chilli patties – healthy, but tasty (they might have broccoli in them too…)

11 Mar

broccoli and quinoa pattiesHas anyone else out there noticed the glut of quinoa patty and fritter recipes that are about at the moment? Everywhere I turn I see them! One look at the ingredients list and I am suspicious about how good they could actually be, because the ingredients are so awfully healthful. Continue reading