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The homemade cheesymite scroll and its endless variations

1 May

Cheesymite scrollsWe booked our flights home a couple of weeks ago and now we have a definite end date I am thinking of Brisbane more and more. The anticipation of getting back to our old house and loved ones, and excitement at introducing Ned to the local parkland and playground has made me nostalgic for my own childhood spent in Brisbane. Throwing a tennis ball with Dad in the backyard, trips to the beach, and burnt tops-of-the-feet and backs-of-the-knees. These are all things that are ahead of Ned and even if he was older now, not things he’d be able to do in Vancouver: here we have no backyard nor hot and sunny beaches.

Getting caught up in all this thinking of Oz, I had a hankering for a cheesymite scroll. Possibly only because they don’t exist here, but still. And I knew Ned would love it – he is a vegemite kid, and obviously his mother’s son: a dedicated lover of cheese. Continue reading


Japanese tuna sandwich

9 Feb

japanese tuna sandwichThere is not much to be said about this sandwich except that these flavours are awesome together! Pickled ginger, soy, sesame, mirin. Whack them together with a bit of mayo and tuna and you’ve got yourself a tasty little sandwich in a few minutes. Continue reading

Caramel popcorn and spicy peanuts

5 Feb

Caramel popcorn and spicy peanutsI experienced my first Superbowl on Sunday just passed – San Fran vs Baltimore. We have been watching the HBO series The Wire, so I felt an affinity with the Baltimore team, and our buddies who came over were barracking for San Fran, which added to the excitement. Does something go a bit astray every year though? This year’s blackout seems to have had more attention than the game itself.

Anyway, it was a good excuse to cook some “Superbowl food” and have a couple of Sunday arvo drinks with friends. I took my opportunity to embrace some American style snacks so we had smoky yam fries and smashed potatoes with sour cream and sweet chilli; guacamole, chipotle salsa and corn chips and caramel popcorn with spicy peanuts. Continue reading