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Kitchen Cupboard Muffins

4 Jun

kitchen cupboard muffins

Excitingly, Ned and I are about to embark upon a road trip with our buddies Kate and 1 year old Elsie. We are heading to the Olympic Peninsula, a most beautiful part of the world, in the north west of Washington State. The towns are quaint, the national park is full of hiking trails, the coastline is spectacular and we will get the chance to dip our toes in the great Pacific Ocean again. Continue reading


The homemade cheesymite scroll and its endless variations

1 May

Cheesymite scrollsWe booked our flights home a couple of weeks ago and now we have a definite end date I am thinking of Brisbane more and more. The anticipation of getting back to our old house and loved ones, and excitement at introducing Ned to the local parkland and playground has made me nostalgic for my own childhood spent in Brisbane. Throwing a tennis ball with Dad in the backyard, trips to the beach, and burnt tops-of-the-feet and backs-of-the-knees. These are all things that are ahead of Ned and even if he was older now, not things he’d be able to do in Vancouver: here we have no backyard nor hot and sunny beaches.

Getting caught up in all this thinking of Oz, I had a hankering for a cheesymite scroll. Possibly only because they don’t exist here, but still. And I knew Ned would love it – he is a vegemite kid, and obviously his mother’s son: a dedicated lover of cheese. Continue reading

Anzac Biscuits and a Day of Remembrance

23 Apr

IMG_0519 anzac biacuits25 April is Anzac Day. It is a day when Aussies and Kiwis remember those who have served, and still are serving, in wars around the world. The dawn service starts an hour before sunrise – it is eerie and moving to stand in the quiet darkness, candles glowing in the chilly morning, with so many strangers who have all gathered for the same reason. Everyone is hushed and solemn, grateful for and proud of the efforts and sacrifices made by all those men and women who have served since WWI. The Last Post played by a lone bugler and the 2 minutes silence that follow are a fitting start to a day on which We Will Remember Them.

Continue reading

Date and almond cakes with orange syrup

16 Apr

date, almond and orange cakesIf I could eat only one thing for the rest of my life it would be cheese, without a doubt. I have my favourites, but I don’t think there is a cheese I have tried that I didn’t find totally moreish and delicious. The second item in that list is an easy pick too – dessert. A broad category I know, but the same applies: I can’t think of a single dessert that didn’t happily devour. (I’m really thinking hard right now, and…nope, nothing is coming to me). Continue reading

Banana bread

15 Mar

banana breadWhy do I always wait until I have 2 unwanted, rotting bananas on my bench to make banana cake? I should plan ahead and buy extras, to have this event occur more regularly.  Whether bread, muffins or cake is the final product, anything banana-y is somehow always delicious. Is it the anticipation of the cake, watching those bananas brown, subconsciously offering Ned the avocado instead of the banana, in the knowledge that there will be a baked treat as my reward? Or is it that bananas don’t overwhelm the cake, they just add a moistness and sweetness that is complimented by so many other flavours? Continue reading