Visitors from London and spiced whisky cocktails

1 Feb

spiced whisky cocktailsThis week my sister, Deb, and brother in law, Jules, are visiting from London.  It is such a treat to have family in town, especially when it’s such a long time between drinks. They have brought with them child-like excitement and enthusiasm for every activity, especially when it comes to playing with Ned, our nearly-one-year-old. It is amazing to watch Ned play in a different way with other adults, learning new skills and becoming interested in activities and styles of play that probably would not have occurred to me. It is no wonder he falls into bed exhausted at the end of each highly exciting day.

It’s a shame we can’t remember that part of our lives – every event new and exciting, every face smiling and encouraging. And what must the food taste like for Ned?! Imagine the first taste of strawberry, grapefruit or peach! And the first experiences of textures like couscous and barley and broccoli!

I had somewhat of a similar experience this week when Jules and Deb brought with them a spiced whisky they had tried in Whistler. We made a few cocktails and each one was fabulous with a delicious wintery vanilla-and-spice aroma. We used ginger ale, lemon and apple juice as mixers. It got me thinking about how these flavours go so well with winter spices like cloves, cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg and how great they would be in desserts, or condiments like apple sauce to accompany meats, or maybe a pear paste to accompany cheese.  Maybe that’s a post for another day…

A quick google shows many different brands, but we used Spicebox, a Canadian whisky from Quebec.  Here are three of the delicious drinks we mixed:

Vanilla Old Fashioned

60mL spiced whisky

1 tsp sugar syrup

dash of Angostura bitters

Pour whisky, syrup and bitters into glass, over ice.

Hot Toddy

45mL spiced whisky

1 tsp sugar

2 dashes Angostura bitters

1 lemon wheel

Pour whisky, sugar and bitters in glass. Top with warm water and mix until sugar is dissolved. Finish with a lemon wheel.

The Julian Special

60mL spiced whisky

90mL ginger ale

90mL apple juice

cinnamon stick

Pour whisky, ginger ale and apple juice over ice. Stir and serve with cinnamon stick.


3 Responses to “Visitors from London and spiced whisky cocktails”

  1. Marcella Rousseau February 1, 2013 at 7:13 pm #

    Which cinnamon did you use? I wrote a post about the differences between the two cinnamons that you might like to read.

    • marcieblogs February 2, 2013 at 12:27 am #

      Thanks for visiting, I had a look at your post on cinnamon – I didn’t know there were 2 kinds… I just used the one I see commonly in the grocery store – cassia. I will look out for the saigon version in the future.
      You know my friends also call me Marcy!

      • Marcella Rousseau February 2, 2013 at 1:41 am #

        Hahaha! Now there are 3 of us Marcys on WordPress. I only learned about the differences recently in the cinnamons. It’s interesting how they’ve kept it a secret from us! The Saigon version is very good but it is still not the true cinnamon. The true cinnamon from the cinnamon tree is the Ceylon cinnamon. Thank you for your comment.

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