11 Jan

LSDI’m taking it back. Not as far as the wild, free-love, drug taking sixties, but to my uni days, though that was a while ago now too. All through uni I worked at a wonderful, family run health food store and café we called Fundies in Paddington. I loved it – on Sundays, the regulars would come in as much for a chat as for their groceries and some delicious goodness from the café.

I learnt a whole lot about fresh produce and nutrition when I worked there. And I had stuff to learn, let me tell you. I remember one morning, in my early days at Fundies, I was putting a lady’s groceries through the register and came across a gorgeous bunch of purple globes. Hanging onto them by their wild green leaves, I asked her what they were. She looked at me strangely for a moment before replying, “they’re beetroot”. Ah ha! I hadn’t ever seen them before!

I learnt many good lessons that day – one was to check the fresh produce and work out what all those fruit and vegies were before the customers got into the store so I wouldn’t look so ill-equipped to work there! But with the discovery of all those new products – fruit, veg, grains, seeds, gosh, the list of edible discoveries was endless, my culinary horizons were broadening and I was getting more and more interested in food.

The café served this fabulous drink called LSD – a latte soy dandelion. I had never tried soy milk or dandelion root but loved them straight away. It’s a nutty, earthy, caffeine-free drink made on soy milk and served with honey. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to find it on a menu, but it’s a rare occurrence. So I have started making them at home. I’ve only ever found dandelion root in tea bags, never loose, and on one occasion accidently picked up the dandelion leaf tea, which is not the same. Don’t make the same mistake as me!


2 dandelion root tea bags (or 1 if you prefer less strong)

125ml boiling water

250ml soy milk, warmed

1 tsp honey (or more to taste)


Steep tea bags in water for 3 mins (or longer if you like, but I get impatient), add milk and stir in honey. Easy!!

I normally leave my tea bags in as I drink, but if you don’t like having to avoid them as you sip the goodness, get them outta there. Because there are no tea leaves in these tea bags the drink won’t become bitter if it steeps for too long.


3 Responses to “LSD”

  1. Mum January 12, 2013 at 7:53 am #

    Just read your “ABOUT”…..I had no idea that I had such an impact on you in the kitchen! Funny, but I thought that the only thing anyone noticed in my kitchen was the enormous mess I made! Even photoworthy at times.
    Talking of photoworthy…..great photo of you on your blog. Love Mum XXOO

    • marcieblogs January 13, 2013 at 12:06 am #

      Oh Mum, you would be surprised! If I wrote all the things you inspired me to do the post would have been very long indeed! xx

      • Mum March 12, 2013 at 5:08 am #

        Thanks Marc. You do say the nicest things. I have only just found your reply to my comment….bit of a slow learner here!! Just had a comment today from another friend of mine who is loving your blog. You have a great following amongst my friends….they all think you are very clever and they love your way with words. Ditto. Love Mum

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