Kitchen Cupboard Muffins

4 Jun

kitchen cupboard muffins

Excitingly, Ned and I are about to embark upon a road trip with our buddies Kate and 1 year old Elsie. We are heading to the Olympic Peninsula, a most beautiful part of the world, in the north west of Washington State. The towns are quaint, the national park is full of hiking trails, the coastline is spectacular and we will get the chance to dip our toes in the great Pacific Ocean again. Continue reading


Chicken Parmigiana

28 May

chicken parmigianaI read an interesting quiz on a food blog recently asking people to name their number one kitchen fear. Which got me thinking…what is mine? It didn’t require much contemplation actually – I have no idea about frying anything and I find it very daunting. How do I know if the oil is hot enough? But now is it too hot? What do I do with all that oil afterwards? And in the end none of my questions are ever answered because whatever I was thinking of cooking would never compare with the cracking fish and chips from the coast anyway – so I just end up making something else. Continue reading

Eating with Ned – 4 Spice Glazed Carrots and Buttery Corn

20 May

EWN 4 spice carrotsThese carrots were a total smash hit with Ned, who hasn’t previously been that interested in carrots at all. I used Dutch carrots, which I’d totally recommend as they soften nicely in the time it takes the sauce to thicken, also, they’re so pretty and delicate compared to a sliced larger carrot. I’m absolutely looking forward to making this with rainbow carrots from the Kelvin Grove Markets when we get back to Brisbane.EWN buttery corn

The buttery corn is ridiculously easy and insanely delicious. I’ll admit that I’d eat corn any time of the day and cooked in any way, but the three of us agreed (Ned by finishing his portion with barely time for a breath between each spoonful) this way of cooking it was great. To be fair, everything tastes better when it’s cooked in a knob of butter and it is true for this corn too. The mint adds a bit of contrast in colour and taste – don’t leave it out! Continue reading

Eating with Ned – Georgian Chicken

15 May

EWN georgian chickenI have to share something quite exciting from this week: we have had a dinnertime revolution in our house! Instead of 2 dinner sittings in which Ned would eat at 5:15pm, followed by Morgs and I, often at 8:30pm, we have started eating together at the family friendly hour of 6:30pm. Probably only those of you with kids in tow will appreciate that this is huge for us! Continue reading


10 May

stromboliAfter last week’s cheesymite-scroll-fest that took place in my kitchen there was still one lonely sachet of active dry yeast hanging around begging to be used. It brought to mind a recipe I have on my giant list of recipes to try: Stromboli. I had no idea what Stromboli was before reading this recipe, but was totally taken in by the name alone. Doesn’t it sound Italian and delicious? Or maybe like a fun card game? Or perhaps a place you’d like to visit?stromboli

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The homemade cheesymite scroll and its endless variations

1 May

Cheesymite scrollsWe booked our flights home a couple of weeks ago and now we have a definite end date I am thinking of Brisbane more and more. The anticipation of getting back to our old house and loved ones, and excitement at introducing Ned to the local parkland and playground has made me nostalgic for my own childhood spent in Brisbane. Throwing a tennis ball with Dad in the backyard, trips to the beach, and burnt tops-of-the-feet and backs-of-the-knees. These are all things that are ahead of Ned and even if he was older now, not things he’d be able to do in Vancouver: here we have no backyard nor hot and sunny beaches.

Getting caught up in all this thinking of Oz, I had a hankering for a cheesymite scroll. Possibly only because they don’t exist here, but still. And I knew Ned would love it – he is a vegemite kid, and obviously his mother’s son: a dedicated lover of cheese. Continue reading

Anzac Biscuits and a Day of Remembrance

23 Apr

IMG_0519 anzac biacuits25 April is Anzac Day. It is a day when Aussies and Kiwis remember those who have served, and still are serving, in wars around the world. The dawn service starts an hour before sunrise – it is eerie and moving to stand in the quiet darkness, candles glowing in the chilly morning, with so many strangers who have all gathered for the same reason. Everyone is hushed and solemn, grateful for and proud of the efforts and sacrifices made by all those men and women who have served since WWI. The Last Post played by a lone bugler and the 2 minutes silence that follow are a fitting start to a day on which We Will Remember Them.

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